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  Author  Subject: Re: install fedora core 3

Posted on 02-23-2005 12:58 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Mark Krentel

> I am install server Proliant Ml370 G2 and G3 with fedora core 3 but
> when restarting the system this is not boot.
> Not begin with Grub?

There's nothing to go on here. Try reinstalling and make sure that
you install GRUB on the Master Boot Record, MBR (assuming Linux only).
If it's dual boot, then you need some boot manager in the MBR, either
GRUB or something else.

The Proliant is a Compaq, right? You'll probably also need Compaq's
boot disks (usually a set of four floppies) to access the BIOS.
Search the Compaq web site for your model number and "boot floppies"
or something. And avoid Compaq in the future.


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