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  Author  Subject: Debian sysadmin wanted for WCC project

Posted on 02-22-2007 06:24 p.m. ET  reply

Westcott Radio, a project of the Westcott Community Center is looking for a volunteer system administrator to maintain a Debian server running Icecast. Everything can be managed via SSH except hardware failures, which would require a trip to Downtown Syracuse.

The machine runs Icecast, streamtranscoder, daemontools, ipfilter (?), and exim. You'd be responsible for diagnosing problem reports and working with the webcast coordinator as needed. Setting up a statistics program (e.g. using Analog or Webalizer Streaming would be a plus.

I managed this server for Syracuse Community Radio for almost two years, and rarely had to give it any attention.

I look forward to hearing from anyone who's interested!

pnm at zephyr dot to

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