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  Author  Subject: General problems with Ubuntu

Posted on 08-03-2006 09:24 p.m. ET  reply

I received the Ubuntu disk at the last CNYPCUG meeting and have been "playing" with it. I can't seem to do anything. When I try to print, I get a massage that there is no driver for my printer. When I try to access an Open Office file, I get a message that that disk is not mounted and when I try to mount it, it says that that disk can't be mounted. I'm getting very frustrated.

Posted on 08-05-2006 04:37 p.m. ET  reply

You should first check the Linux hardware compatibility list to see if your printer is listed.

If you're still having trouble you should try the Ubuntu Forums.

Our next Install and Config Fest is in October. You're welcome to attend the Fest if you still need assistance.

Good luck.

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