24 August 2002 SYRLUG Steering Committee Meeting Notes

Ideas for meeting novice needs:

Appoint Novice Coordinator (NC) - Live person who meets with novices, and personally works with them to identify the needs of the new folks and arrange ways to meet those needs.

Ask Mike Miller and/or Dave Soergel if they are willing to be Novice Coordinators.

At the beginning of each meeting, identify the novices, and let the NCs take them under wing (Actual logistics for UN-sanctioned protocol for First Contact to be determined later).

Online tutorial material to be reviewed at a future Steering Mtg. as determined by our new Novice Coordinators

Installfest (Saturday, 19 Oct 02, 1-5PM)

This will be our last Steering Committee Mtg prior to the Installfest, so we have to solidify the logistics for the next Installfest.

We'll continue the "Sign-up" process for Gurus and Customers.

We need to announce the "Sign-up" process very heavily, both at the next 2 meetings and via the mailing list.

Jym Williams Z. will type up a history of SyrLUG

Scott Brady will be in charge of investigating mtg room alternatives at OCC.

Future Presentations

We need topics and presenters for Oct, Nov, and December's Meetings.

Ask for suggestions at September's meeting. Tentative schedule:

Next Steering Committee Meeting

Next Steering Committee Meeting: To be decided in October by the end of Installfest. Tentative: Sat, early Nov 2002.