29 June 2002 SYRLUG Steering Committee Meeting Notes

Meet the needs of novices and experienced users alike:

We need to announce presentation topics in advance.

Meeting will be made up of three parts:

  1. Half-hour novice training session

  2. Hour-long Q&A session

  3. Hour-long Technical Session

Steering Committee:

Core group membership, but open to full membership

Core group:

Add to e-mail list only: Dave Soergel

Meetings are every other month on the 3rd Saturday at 1:30PM (Next one is 17 Aug 02)

Generating Presentation Topics for Upcoming Meetings:

  1. Request Presentation Topics on each meeting's sign-up sheet.
  2. Suggestion Box at the entry to meetings.
  3. Set up and announce e-mail suggestionbox@syrlug.org

Upcoming Presentations:

July: User Account Management - Jym Wms. Z.

Aug: Star Office - Scott Brady (On my Workstation)

Make sure we get together to ensure my workstation has all the needed hardware and software, and everything is configured and works for the presentation.

Sept: IP address translation (NAT) - Mark Krentel

Beyond will be discussed at the next Steering Committee Mtg.


Next one: Sat Oct 12th from 1-5PM Announce at meetings, and put on website.

Do we want to have regular installfests? Yes

More discussion needed, during next Steering Comm. Mtg.