Minutes for Linux User Group on June 7, 2000

Web Address: http://www.syrlug.org EmailAddress: syrlug\@syrlug.org

General News

      Next Meeting July 5 with backup date July 12

      Microsoft - Court Decision decides to split MSN into two separate companies Operating System and Applications.

      Parking Lot Tickets is being handled by Mark Haley.

      New Secretary announced Wayne Bellinger.

Questions and Answers

      Supporting software for RAID (Redundancy Array Inexpensive Device).

      Hard Drive Partitions (Defined types of Partitions - Logical, Physical, Extended)

      Hard Drive Partitions Software (Lilo, Partition Magic, System Commander, etc.)

Meeting Structure Has Been Changed
      6:30 - Any users needing assistance with their PC/Laptop needs to setup before 7:00. (The PC needs to be powered up and running before 7:00, which will allow more time for PC/Laptop issue to be addressed by a Linux Guru.)

      7:00 - 7:45 Troubleshooting PC/Laptop

Review Of Linux Installfest
      The Linux Installfest went very well. Most of the systems were configured with Linux. However, there were many systems that left without having a successful Linux installed.


        Bigger Room

        Sign up sheet on the WEB

        More tables, extension cables, hub, and phone line(s).

        Schedule for next Linux Installfest will be demand driven.

        Members Only, BUT non-members will not be pushed away (in other words, we are not going to invite the public openly until we get everyone in our group up and running.)

        Another Sign up sheet showing who has experience with each Linux Distribution.

Guest Speaker - Mike Lamb
        Image Magick Software Presentation was given by Mike Lamb with a quick tutorial on Bash shell scripting.