Meeting notes from April 5, 2000

SLUG meeting notes April 5, 2000 by Mike Lamb


   Syrlug needs a secretary to take notes. So go volunteer.

   Mark gave (Part 1 of) a presentation about how to use ipchains to build a firewall in linux.

   Description of packets

   Desctription of interfaces (loopback, ppp0, eth0)

   A few ipchains rules and discussion of how they work.

   To be continued next month. [ Do you want more detail here? If Mark's not going to provide it, i might be able to help you out. ]

   A member brought in a video he bought with $65 out of his own pocket. (What a ripoff!) CNN's "Mover$" interview with Linus Torvalds. Very cool.


   Some questions on IPchains, will be covered next month (?)

   Member has problems with boot sector after installing Corel Linux OS

   Member needs help installing programs (specifically, Netscape 4.8?) from a tar.gz file under Caldera's Distro, v. 2.x