Meeting notes from December 1, 1999

SLUG meeting notes December 1, 1999 7:09 PM EST by Len

   approximately 27 in attendance

   Surveys were give out to members by Mike, results will be tallied at presented later

   Apparently there was a problem w/some of the Star Office CDs (they were the Windows version), this will be resolved.

   Possible domain names, members were asked to put their preferences on the survey form:

   FUUS (Free Unix Users of Syracuse)

   SLLUG (Syracuse Local Linux User's Group)

   SALUG (Syracuse Area ...)

   SCLUG (Syracuse Community ...

   CNYLUG (Central NY ....)

   SYRLUG (Syracuse ...)

   OCLUG (Onondaga County ...)

   Incorporating the group as a non-profit is in progress - Mike W is working on the bylaws, etc. - a copy will be posted online for review

   Someone has volunteered use of a message board (online)

Question & Answer session:

  1. How did we do passing the hat? $*
  2. someone needs to know how to set up KPPP - if you know, please email Jym
  3. has anybody contacted SU students about joining us?
  4. How to set up IP masquerading - Mandrake distribution? (try "ppp -alias", this works at least under FreeBSD)
  5. HP 800-series printer help - Redhat 5.2? (NOTE: HP may be coming out w/Linux drivers)
  6. Does anybody know the AIPTEK HyperPen tablet protocol?
  7. When using printtool (Redhat 6.1), can't see printer ports - can anybody help? (1 suggestion, explicitly force port)

   Talk by Josh about Redhat 5.2 distribution - will be posted to web site

   Talk by Don about Caldera distribution - NOTE: glibc may not be up-to-date on Caldera

   Mike W will be vice-coordinator of our user group (and has been working on incorporation) - it was recommended that he look at the APCLUG bylaws (and CNYPCUG also)

   Possible Star Office demo next meeting

   NEXT MEETING JANUARY 12, 2000 (delayed 1 week because of Y2K, etc.)

   Discussion: possible concerns with using OCC multimedia equipment - basically, we're not paying for meeting place and would need a support person. Possible solution: invest in a VGA->TV converter and bring in a TV.

   Discussion: setting up a support network - ideas:

   web site forum - will be discussed

   in-person and/or by phone (email to Jym if interested)

   set up a separate listserv

   cheat sheet

   Discussion: how to promote group

   Discussion: Possible installfest - when? (February?) - people should register in advance

   Discussion: donations of old hardware to club for demos, etc. - we need to talk to area computer stores, etc.

   we might want to talk/coordinate with other computer user groups (Linux and not)

   possible logo contest after pick domain/group name.

   possible name tags, members brief introduction each meeting

   Don will buy cheap plastic name tags

   Meeting ended at 9:05 PM EST