Meeting notes from October 6, 1999

From: Marie Osborne
Syracuse Linux Users Group (SLUG) notes from 1st meeting, October 6, 1999

Questions about the meetings in general

   Meetings will be held the first Wednesday of every month in room W 101 of the Applied Technology Center at OCC. (The new building.)

   If OCC is closed due to bad weather than the meeting will be cancelled. Otherwise check web page for cancellations.

What should the "format" of this group be?

   Do we want to organize?

   Do we want officers?

   Do we want to charge dues?

Topics of interest

The first meeting was a general brainstorming of Linux issues that various people would be interested in talking about. Some of these issues included:

   General Linux questions:

   What is Linux?

   How does it work?

   What are the advantages over windows?

   Why am I doing this? lol

   What can I do on Linux?

   What is the history of Linux?

   Where is Linux going?

   Where do companies stand on the Linux issue?


   What printers are Linux compatible?

   How to configure printers

   HP 710 series drivers

   Scanning on linux


   What software is available?

   What are substitutions for word, excell etc?

   How do you play games on Linux?

   What applications are available?

   Where can I buy Linux Applications?

   Ideas on how to format meetings

   reserve half an hour at the beginning of the meeting for a Q & A session.

   Set asside an hour for presentations or guest speakers.

   The last half hour should be dedicated to applications.

   form special interest groups.

   Do SIGS want to meet during the meeting or on a seperate night?

   Web site

   Patrick and Leonard have agreed to work on the website. Any ideas would be appreciated. Some ideas included:

   New members could sign up on the web page

   Keep people's names off site(for security)

   What's on the agenda for next meeting

   People could communicate needs and wants through the web site

   Ideas for meeting topics

   Experts among us could do presentations

   Installation demonstrations

   Free lessons on running and using Linux

   Differences in window managers

   How to promote slug

   booth at the Peter Trap show


   TV--ComputerGuys and Point-n-Click

   Fund raisers

   if we organize as a non profit group and have officers etc then fund raising would be an issue. Ideas included:

   Burn distributions and sell them.