A Review of LDAP Programming, Management and Integration.

by James R. Williams Zavada, 27 May 2003

The book was written by Clayton Donley, and published by Manning Publications Co.. Publication, purchasing and other information can be found on the publisher's website at http://www.manning.com/donley/index.html.

This book arrived just in time to aid me in a project using LDAP that I was involved in at work. My expertise heretofore was just about nil. Other than knowing that LDAP stood for "Lightweight Directory Access Protocol", I was stumped, and found myself overwhelmed. This book came to my rescue! It is divided into three sections: "Fundamental LDAP Concepts", "LDAP Management", and "Application Integration". The first section gave me the information I needed to understand what LDAP really is, and how to begin doing real-world work (i.e. searches) with it right away. The descriptions and explanations made sense of how LDAP was being used in the project at work, and how it can be used in other real-world scenarios.

Although I'm not yet involved in programming LDAP applications, nor in integrating LDAP with any other projects, I briefly read through the rest of the book. I can see that it will continue to be quite a useful resource, especially when the time comes to program and integrate LDAP with other systems here at work. I appreciated the "Standard Schema Reference" appendix, too, as it describes the various LDAP objects that I had encountered, but without knowing their various definitions.

For those of you who need to quickly get up to speed with LDAP, I can highly recommend this book. And, although I haven't played with any of the code samples, it appears to hold great promise for those looking for LDAP programming and application integration resources. This book is a reference that is without a doubt staying on my bookshelf at work.

Copyright © 2003 by James R. Williams Zavada.